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Thank you to download and install SharekFileOS 2.0

What is SharekFileOS?

SharekFileOS v2.0 it's a new release of a operative system, developerd by Tech Developer . The purpose of this project is provide the better Debian experience with all potentiality of SharekFile , our cloud platform

What is inside SharekFileOS v2.0

Inside SharekFileOS there are the sid repository of debian, for garantee the most recent software updates. There is a custom version of XFCE, with a lot of changes from the stock version and there is a custom repository for our software.
In this operative system it's installed the native compatibility with Virtualbox, so you don't need to update virtualbox guest additions manually, there is a custom kernel (now it's installed the 5.6.6), all software required for every developer, like git, filezilla, visual studio code, gcc, cpp, one log analyzer, some system security and more other.

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